All of us are aware of the fact that smoking is responsible for causing several diseases, like long term respiratory disease, heart disease, lung and many other types of cancer. Other diseases might be curable but cancer is the most deadly disease caused by smoking due to which every year millions of people die across the world. According to the research in UK, one person dies in every 15 minutes due to lung cancer, caused by smoking.What makes smoking so deadly? How does it cause cancer? We all have these questions in our mind. Let’s find out by throwing light on few compounds and chemicals present in cigarette smoke.


There are about 4000 compounds present in the cigarette smoke. Most of them are toxic, carcinogenic and addictive. These chemicals not only damage the cells but also cause lung cancer. The addictive nature makes it hard for the smokers to quit smoking.

The tobacco smoke mainly contains the following:

Nicotine: Yes it’s the main content of the smoke and most of us think that it is the main cancer causing substance, but actually it’s not. Surprisingly nicotine is not carcinogenic, but yes it is highly addictive. It is a quick reacting drug, which reaches the brain within 15 seconds after coming in contact with the blood. If it would have been absent in cigarettes, the smokers would have not been so addicted and they could have easily quitted smoking.  The cigarette industry wouldn’t have been so successful if there was no nicotine in them. All might have had collapsed.

Too much nicotine exposure can lead to nausea, vomiting, depression of the central nerves system and seizures. Growth retardation and improper fetus development are also main results of nicotine exposure.

Carbon Monoxide:It is a highly poisonous gas without any smell or taste that can kill a person without any indication. smoking-44048_1280

The problem is, human body is unable to differentiate between oxygen and this poisonous gas and therefore it gets easily absorbed into the main blood stream. Carbon monoxide, if inhaled in small quantityleads to fatigue, dizziness and weakness; butif inhaled in large quantity,reduces heart and muscles function to such an extreme that the person can go in coma or even die. It is highly toxic for babies in the womb, infants and old aged people. It induces heart and lung diseases in the chain smokers.


Tar: This compound itself is a mixture of numerous cancer-causing agents. It is the main compound which is responsible for causing cancer. When a smoker inhales the smoke, 70% of the tar gets stuck in the lungs. This weakens the system which fights which the toxic chemicals entering our body. We have got special detoxification enzymes in our body which breakdowns the harmful chemicals into lesser or harmless substances, but the chemicals presents in tar hinders the activity of this enzyme. Other toxic chemicals present in the tar destroy the villi(tiny hair like structure) present in our respiratory systems which filters the air, leading to accumulation of toxins and ultimately lung cancer.

Now we know how the above toxic substances adversely affect our immune system and inducing cancer and other deadly diseases.…